What you need to read-aloud to your grandchildren online.

Easy Ways To Start Reading Aloud To Grandkids!

Here are some easy ways to start reading aloud to your grandkids online or in person! When I read my first picture book on FaceTime to my grandchildren I had no idea it was an activity that would continue for weeks, then years. It has become a wonderful way for me to connect with my grandchildren weekly.

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Look for little and big reasons to celebrate your reading success.

Fun Ways To Celebrate Reading Aloud Together!

Look for little and big reasons to plan fun ways to celebrate reading together! Your children will probably have some good ideas. Let them help set some goals and choose the reward you will all share. So far we have planned two fun challenges and celebrations!

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Learn about how I became a read-aloud grandma and started reading to my grandchildren on FaceTime.

My Top 10 Tips For Read-Aloud Grandparents

I started to read-aloud to my grandchildren online and in person for a few years ago. Since then I have learned a few things that make the read-aloud experience a positive one for my grandchildren and me. Here are my top 10 tips for read-aloud grandparents!

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I love to go to the library and use the resources they offer to find great books to read-aloud to my grandchildren.

The Library: Why I Love To Go There!

I love to go to the library! Libraries have so many books it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what book you want or where to find it. Luckily, libraries have lots of great resources that make finding and checking out books easier.

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Read-Aloud listening activities help young children pay attention as you read.

Best Read-Aloud Listening Activities!

Read-Aloud listening activities often make it easier for children to pay attention to a story being read-especially when you start reading chapter books. When you start reading chapter books that have fewer pictures, listening activities can be very beneficial. They also make great gifts for your grandchildren!

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