3 Suggestions For Reading Charlotte’s Web To Young Children

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White is such a beloved book and a wonderful one to read-aloud to children you love. I recently read it to my grandchildren and have a few suggestions to help young children listen to a longer chapter book with only a few illustrations.

Suggestions For Reading Charlotte's Web To Young Children Online

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Before I read Charlotte’s Web

Before I read Charlotte’s Web to my grandchildren I had been reading picture books and shorter chapter books. Since I read to them online I feel like shorter books with colorful or clear illustrations help hold their attention. Charlotte’s Web has delightful illustrations by Garth Williams, but there are only a few and they are spread throughout the book. 

3 suggestions for reading Charlotte’s Web online

The story of Wilbur, Charlotte, Fern and the other animals is so engaging my grandchildren were instantly hooked and looked forward to reading it together. From our experience I have three suggestions to make reading it aloud together online even more enjoyable.

  1. Show the cover of the book as you read.
  2. Have some listening activities for your grandchildren.
  3. Download some free Charlotte’s Web coloring pages.

Show the cover of the book as you read

Since most of the pages don’t have illustrations, hold the book so children can see the cover of the book as you read. The colorful cover is so well done. It shows Charlotte and her web, Wilbur, Fern, one of the sheep and the goose. The cover gives them a picture of the main characters to look at and focus on. 

 Charlotte's Web by E. B. Whiite

Listening Activities

Listening activities make it easier for children to pay attention to a story being read-especially when you read-aloud longer books online. I have a post about listening activities and some of my favorites that you may find useful.

Free Charlotte’s Web coloring pages

Coloring is one of the best listening activities for children to do when you read-aloud. I found some free Charlotte’s Web coloring pages. Send the link to the parents of the children you are reading to and have them print them before you start reading. You could even plan ahead to have them color the illustration that matches the pages you will be reading together. The coloring pages will help them visualize the characters and what is happening and give them something to keep their hands busy.

Charlotte's Web Free Coloring Pages
Free Charlotte’s Web Coloring Pages

Some Writer!: The Story Of E.B. White

A few years ago I bought and read Some Writer! The Story of E.B White by Mellissa Sweet. I found it fascinating. Melissa Sweet includes E.B.’s personal letters, family photos and her own delightful art to tell the story of Mr. White’s life. She shares details about how he came to write Charlotte’s Web and his other books. It is an inspiring tribute to a beloved author.

Some Writer: The Story Of E.B. White by Melissa Sweet
A page from Some Writer: The Story Of E. B. White
A page from Some Writer!: The Story Of E.B. White by Melissa Sweet
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