Best Read-Aloud Listening Activities!

Read-Aloud listening activities often make it easier for children to pay attention to a story being read-especially when you start reading chapter books. When you start reading chapter books that have fewer pictures, listening activities can be very beneficial. They also make great gifts for your grandchildren!

Best Read-Aloud Listening Activities

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Why are listening activities are helpful?

When I taught second grade and read-aloud to the children in my class I found that most of them enjoyed drawing or coloring while they listened. Your grandchildren may listen better if they have something to keep their hands busy when you read to them. If you are reading picture books they may not need an activity. When you start reading chapter books that have fewer pictures, listening activities can be very beneficial.

Ask parents to help their children find listening activities.

If your grandchildren are having a hard time sitting still and listening to you read you may want to talk to their parents. Suggest they plan a quiet activity for them to do while they listen to you read. You can even read to busy kids when they eat breakfast, lunch or an after school snack.

The best read-aloud listening activities we have tried:

Coloring books, play dough, legos and more make great listening activities when you read-aloud. They are also make great gifts!
Drawing and coloring are good listening activities for your grandchildren to do while you read-aloud to them.
Gifts For Kids!

Things that can be used for listening activities are great gifts!

All of the ideas listed above make great gifts for birthdays or holidays for your grandchildren. Keep watching for new ideas of things they can do while you read-aloud to them and add them to a gift idea list. When its time to give your grandchildren a gift you will have several meaningful ideas to choose from.

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