The Library: Why I Love To Go There!

I love to go to the library! Libraries have so many books it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what book you want or where to find it. Luckily, libraries have lots of great resources that make finding and checking out books easier.

Why I Love The Library!

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Book lists

If you need to find a book and don’t know where to start, look and see if your library has online books lists. Our public library has lists for children, teens, adults and book groups. Libraries usually have printed lists available to pick up when you go to the library.

Book lists are a great starting point. If you read a book on the list and love it, look for more books by that author. You can even use the lists to keep track of the books you have read by checking them off the list after you read them. Do you have the list I put together of 15 of my favorite read-aloud books?

Libraries have helpful booklists.

Library displays

Our library has several displays that feature types of books: staff favorites, popular reads, award winners, new titles and more. They also have book bundles that you can check out. Each bundle has about 5 books with a theme like: princess, dinosaurs, nature, bedtime etc. Sometimes they bundle books by the same author. If I don’t have a list of books I’m looking for I wander the library and almost always find a book displayed that catches my eye.

Look for book ideas at the library.
Look for displays of favorite books and more.
Book bundles help me find great books at the library.
Themed Book Bundle

How I use the library

  • I try to find books I am interested in before I go to the library.
  • I look at different book lists or get recommendations from friends or family.
  • Next I go to the library’s website and do a search on their online catalog to see if the book is available.
  • If the book is available I can put it on hold and they will email me when it’s ready to pick up.
  • If a book is already checked out it’s the same process. I place a hold and when it is available I will get an email that it’s ready for me to pick up.
  • Sometimes I just write down where the book is located and go to the library and browse and find the books I want. 
  • Make sure you take a big bag to fill with all the books you will find!
Take a big bag to the library to fill with all the great books you will find.

Ebooks and audio books

Most public libraries now offer ebooks and audio books that can be checked out from home and downloaded. This is a convenient option if you don’t live close to a library or can’t get to your public library easily. Our library has the option to use the Libby app by Overdrive. They have lots of children’s chapter books and picture books. When I check out digital picture books I read them on my iPad to my grandchildren and hold it up so they can see it just like I would a regular book.

Taking grandchildren to the library

When my grandchildren come to visit, if we have time we take a trip to the library. They look for books that interest them. They can enjoy them while they are at our house. Sometimes I have them choose books that we read together online when they return home. I love the experience of having them go to the library with me. I think it’s good for them to see where the books come from that I read-aloud to them and the process I go through to find books to share.

I like to take my grandchildren to the library when they come to visit.
My grandchildren enjoy going to the library with me.
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Do you need more great books or fun read aloud ideas?

I have lots of books and great ideas to share with you here!

To help you get started I have a list of 15 great read-aloud picture books you can download for free.

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