7 Favorite Dragon, Knight and Princess Books

Dragon, knight and princess books filled with unlikely heroes, friendship, adventure and a little humor are always favorite read aloud books. Who doesn’t love a good book filled with fairytale characters? These princess, knight and dragon books are ones your grandkids will ask you to read more than once.

7 favorite read-aloud dragon, knight and princess books.

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Dragons, knights and unlikely heroes

Knight Owl won the a Caldecott Honor in 2023 and is a great book about an unlikely hero.

Knight Owl by Christopher Dense

Since the day he hatched, Owl wanted to be a knight. One day all the knights began disappearing from the castle. Owl signs up for Knight School. He is so small it’s difficult to hold a sword or wear a shield, but he works hard to become a knight. When he meets a dragon during his watch he thinks of a clever way to tame him. After that not a single knight disappears and Owl is a hero! This book about an unlikely hero was named a Caldecott Honor book in 2023.

The Story Book Knight is a great book for kids who like dragon, knight and princess books.

The Storybook Knight by Helen Docherty

Leo was a gentle knight. He loved to sit and read. His parents wanted him to tame dragons. So Leo set off on his horse with the brand new sword and shield his parents gave him and some books of course. He found that books and stories work like magic taming griffins, trolls and even a dragon. Leo was a hero!

Once Upon A Dragon's Fire is one of my favorite dragon picture books.

Once Upon A Dragon’s Fire by Beatrice Blue

How did dragons get their fire? It all began in a magical kingdom where everyone thought the dragon that lived in the mountain was mean and scary. Two children, Freya and Silas, were brave enough to hike the mountain and meet the dragon. Their courage changed everything for the dragon and the village.

Look Out It's a Dragon is delightful book about friendship.

Look Out! It’s A Dragon by Jonny Lambert

Sapphire is an unusual dragon. She doesn’t want to kidnap princesses or steal treasure. She thinks she has found her home when she lands in a peaceful meadow. The animals that live there run in fear. They don’t want her to live there. When some scary dragons burn the forest to the ground, Sapphire protects her new friends and finds a home for everyone to share.

Princesses with personality

Falling for Rapunzel is a great book for for kids who like dragon, knight and princess books.

Falling For Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox (series)

Rapunzel is so high up in the tower she can’t hear the prince clearly when he comes to rescue her. Their communication problems lead to lots of humorous misunderstandings with a fun play on words. This book had my grandkids laughing out loud.

Princess in Training is a great book is about a very unusual princess.

Princess in Training by Tammi Sauer

Princess Viola is not good at all the princess things like the royal wave and waltzing. She is great at skateboarding and doing karate. The king and queen decide to have her attend princess camp so she can perfect her royal skills. When a dragon comes along it’s a good thing Princess Viola can defend herself and save the others. This is a fun adventure packed story that’s very different from most princess stories.

Illustrated chapter book series

KIndom of Wrenly a great with illustrated chapter book for kids.

Kingdom Of Wrenly by Jordan Quinn

This book has it all: Dragons, knights, a young prince and his friend Clara. The Kingdom of Wrenly is a short illustrated chapter book series full of fantasy and adventure. Lucas is the 8 year old prince of Wrenly. His friend Clara is one of the girls who lives in the village. Their friendship takes them to many parts of the kingdom as they explore new places and try to help others along the way. These books take about 30 minutes to read. There are lots of books in this series and we have read all of them!

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