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Here’s where you should start to learn all about how to read-aloud to your grandchildren online or in person.

Easy Ways To Start Reading Aloud To Grandkids

How To Become a Read-Aloud Grandparent

Here are some easy ways get started today reading aloud to your grandkids online or in person! 

My top ten tips for read-aloud grandparents

My Top Ten Tips For Read-Aloud Grandparents

Here are my top 10 tips for grandparents to make reading to kids you love a positive experience.

Get my free book list: 15 great read-aloud picture books

15 Great Read-Aloud Picture Books

Free Book List: 15 great picture books, for children ages 3-8, to help you get started on your read-aloud journey.

Tooth Fairies, Garden Fairies and a Little Bit of Magic!

Tooth Fairies, Garden Fairies And A Little Bit Of Magic!

Do you believe in fairies? Here are some wonderful books about fairies that will make you want to believe in tiny people with wings and a bit of magic. They might inspire some fun craft or gardening projects and some imaginary play.

Pop-up books make great gifts. Pop-up books spark the imagination and often cause the reader to wonder if they could create a pop-up scene of their own.

Pop-Up Books Are Fun Gifts!

Pop-Up books are fun gifts to give children you love. They are great books to read-aloud to a grandchild that is sitting by your side or on your lap. Pop-up books are a gift they can enjoy over and over!

Fabulous frogs and more great nature read-alouds

Butterflies, Birds and Fabulous Frogs!

These 6 books about butterflies, birds and frogs are non-fiction, fun, colorful read-alouds your grandchildren will want to read more than once. I love reading books about nature with my grandchildren-especially books with a little humor mixed in.