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Here’s where you should start to learn all about how to read-aloud to your grandchildren online or in person.

Easy Ways To Start Reading Aloud To Grandkids

How To Become a Read-Aloud Grandparent

Here are some easy ways get started today reading aloud to your grandkids online or in person! 

My top ten tips for read-aloud grandparents

My Top Ten Tips For Read-Aloud Grandparents

Here are my top 10 tips for grandparents to make reading to kids you love a positive experience.

The Library: Why I Love To Go There!

The Library: Why I Love To Go The There

I will share with you all the reasons I love to go to the library and some helpful tips to find great books to read.

Book Lists

These lists will help you read some great books to your grandchildren without spending hours browsing the internet and library to find fun and interesting books. These are books I have read and enjoyed with my grandchildren. Many of the books are part of a series or written by authors that have several books. So the titles on these lists can lead you to other books. Each lists is pdf that you can download and print or download to your phone or tablet.

15 Great Read-Aloud Picture Books

15 Great Read-Aloud Picture Books

This is a list of 15 great picture books to help you get started on your journey of reading aloud to children you love online or in person. They can be enjoyed by children who are a variety of ages, but I feel like they work best for ages 3-8 years old.

75 Holiday Read-Aloud Picture Books-ipad

75 Holiday Read-Aloud Picture Books

Holidays are a fun time to read-aloud to your grandchildren. Here is a list of 75 of my favorite holiday read-aloud picture books for holidays all through the year. I have included books for seasons in addition to holidays.

75 Fun Read-Aloud Picture Books and Illustrated Chapter Books

75 Fun Read-Aloud Picture and Chapter Books

This is a list of 75 fun read-aloud books on a variety of topics children love. Most of the books are picture books, but there are a few illustrated short chapter books as well.