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Here’s where you should start to learn all about how to read-aloud to your grandchildren online or in person.

Easy Ways To Start Reading Aloud To Grandkids

How To Become a Read-Aloud Grandparent

Here are some easy ways get started today reading aloud to your grandkids online or in person! 

My top ten tips for read-aloud grandparents

My Top Ten Tips For Read-Aloud Grandparents

Here are my top 10 tips for grandparents to make reading to kids you love a positive experience.

Get my free book list: 15 great read-aloud picture books

15 Great Read-Aloud Picture Books

Free Book List: 15 great picture books, for children ages 3-8, to help you get started on your read-aloud journey.

Stompin' Good Dinosaur Books!

8 Stomping’ Good Dinosaur Books!

Kids never outgrow a good dinosaur book! Here are some of our favorite dinosaur books that we have read many times. They are about dinosaurs with personality and will be enjoyed by children of all ages.

7 Favorite Dragon, Knight and Princess Books

7 Favorite Dragon, Knight and Princess Books

Who doesn’t love a good book filled with fairytale characters? These princess, knight and dragon books are ones your grandkids will ask you to read more than once.

Leprechaun and Bunny Books to Celebrarte Spring

Leprechaun and Bunny Books That Celebrate Spring!

Do you want to read some delightful bunny books and a clever leprechaun story to welcome spring? I have some you will want to share with your grandkids to celebrate the arrival of spring.