Meaningful Conversations From Reading Together

Do you want to have meaningful conversations with your grandchildren? A simple question based on the book you read-aloud together can spark a fun discussion.

Read-Aloud Books Make Great Conversation Starters

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A question and a discussion

I recently read Pedro’s Big Break by Fran Manushkin to Henry and Jane. In this story Pedro falls off his bike and breaks his arm. After we finished reading the book I asked them if they had ever had a broken a bone. They hadn’t. Henry and Jane were surprised to learn I broke my left arm when I was about 10 years old and I broke my other arm when I was an adult. They wanted to know more so our conversation about broken bones began!

Pedro's Big Break by Fran Manushkin
There are discussion questions and jokes at the end of the Pedro books by Fran Manushkin
There are discussion questions and jokes at the end of the Pedro books by Fran Manushkin

Conversation questions

I find that reading books together opens up spontaneous conversations that allow us to share experiences with each other. The books I feature on my 15 Great Read-Aloud Picture Books list have a discussion question you can use after you read each book with your children. Maybe the question I share will give you ideas for more questions. Questions that invite a conversation may become your favorite thing about reading aloud to the children you love. It will strengthen your relationship and create strong positive memories for all of you!

Type of books to read for fun conversations

Choose a book you enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture book or chapter book. If it’s one that interests you it won’t be hard to think of a question or two after you read it.

Fran Manushkin, who wrote Pedro’s Big Break, also wrote the Katie Woo series. Her books are about family, friends, school, problem solving and more. She covers many topics that lend themselves to questions that can start great conversations. If you need ideas look at the back of the book. The author included some discussion questions and activity ideas that go with the story in each book.

Katie Woo By Fran Manushkin
Discussion questions in a Katie Woo book by Fran Manushkin
Discussion questions at the back of a Katie Woo book.
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