Fun Ways To Celebrate Reading Aloud Together!

Look for little and big reasons to plan fun ways to celebrate reading together! Your children will probably have some good ideas. Let them help set some goals and choose the reward you will all share. So far we have planned two fun challenges and celebrations!

Fun ways To Celebrate Reading Together

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100 books challenge

Shortly after we started reading together I suggested to Henry and Jane that we try to read 100 books together by a certain date.  The date I chose fell during a week we were planning to be with them. They were very excited about the challenge! We had about 2 months to achieve it. At that time we were reading several times a week (averaging about 12 books a week). So it was a realistic goal. 

How did we celebrate reading 100 books together?

When we were close to reaching our goal I asked them how they wanted to celebrate. They thought 100 treats would be fun! After some discussion we settled on 100 Skittles for each of them and a special surprise Grandpa and I would bring for them. We did it! We read our final few books at their house and then gave each of them a new book and 100 Skittles! We gave them: Bunny’s Book Club and Wide Mouth Frog.

500 pages challenge

About 6 weeks before our daughter and her family came to see us I suggested to her kids we do another challenge. It was summer so we were reading together several times a week. I suggested we try and read 500 pages then celebrate reading aloud together.

If we reached our goal we would go to the store and they could pick out a book for us to buy them. If we read more than 500 pages they would get to pick out a book and a treat. It was the perfect summer reading challenge and gave us all a little extra enthusiasm. 

Set reading goals then celebrate reading together with prizes, treats or a party!

New books and a treat to celebrate reading 500 pages together

We read over 600 pages together so they earned a new book and a treat! We often go to the library together when they come to visit, but this was the first time we went to a bookstore together. I am so glad my husband came with us! It takes some time and patience to help two children each pick out a book. I hope their new books will remind them of our fun outing and the 600 pages we read together!

Set reading goals then find creative ways to celebrate reading together!
Gifts For Kids!

Gift ideas to celebrating reading aloud together!

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