5 Clever Groundhog and Valentine’s Day Books

I have 5 clever books for you to read near Groundhog and Valentine’s Day. The middle of January is a good time to get the books you want to read for these holidays. February is our shortest month, but it is a great month for reading some holiday books to children.

5 Clever Groundhog and Valentine's Day Books

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Don’t wait until February!

Don’t wait until February to get your Groundhog and Valentine’s Day books from the library or you may not have as many to choose from. It isn’t too early to start reading books about groundhogs and valentines in January. I thinks a good idea to promptly read and return the holiday books you get from the library so others can enjoy them too.

Sometimes I can’t get a popular book I want to read-aloud for a holiday until the special day is over. There is nothing wrong with reading that book later. Once I read my grandkids some Christmas books during the summer and they thought that was fun! Be creative with your reading choices!

My favorite Groundhog and Valentine’s Day book

Groundhug Day by Anne Marie Pace:

Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday read-aloud book for January or February because it combines Groundhog’s Day and Valentines Day in a clever story about friendship. There is also a brief mention of St Patrick’s Day and Easter at the end.

Moose is having a Valentine’s Day party and wants all of his friends to come, even Groundhog. The problem is, if Groundhog sees his shadow he’ll hide in his hole for six more weeks and miss the party. Moose and the other animals try to come up with some ways to keep Groundhog from seeing his shadow.

I was so impressed with this beautifully illustrated story I bought one for my grandchildren so they could enjoy reading it again and again.

Groundhug Day is my favorite Groundhug and Valentine's Day book
Groundhog Day by Anne Marie Pace

More great books to read in January or February

Groundhogs Dilemma by Kristen Remenar

When Groundhog sees his shadow half of his friends are happy and the rest are sad. The rest of the year they try to convince him to predict the weather the way they want it to be. Groundhog can’t please everyone so he just calls it like he sees it and still hopes they will be his friends. This is a humorous story with some good messages.

Groundhog's Dilemma a clever Groundhog Day book
Groundhog’s Dilemma by Kristen Remenar

Punxsutawney Phyllis by Susanna Leonard Hill

Phyllis is not like other groundhogs. She loves to be outside enjoying all kinds of weather. Her dream is to be Punxsutawney Phil. She knows she can do it, but no one takes her seriously.

On February 2 no one can wake her uncle, Punxsutawney Phil. Phyllis volunteers to predict the weather for him, but everyone laughs. Finally Uncle Phil gets up and invites Phyllis to go out with him to take a look at the weather. With Phyllis’s help he predicts an early spring. He decides Phyllis is the right groundhog to take over his job. She becomes Punxsutawney Phyllis!

Punxsutawney Phyllis a fun Groundhog Day book!
Punxsutawney Phyllis by Susanna Leonard Hill

Love, Ruby Valentine by Laurie Friedman

Ruby’s favorite day is Valentine’s Day. She and her pet parrot, Lovebird, work so hard making treats and cards to deliver to everyone in town. Exhausted, they fall asleep and wake up after the holiday is over. Lovebird convinces Ruby to deliver her gifts even though they are late and discovers it’s the love that matters, not the date. There is another Ruby Valentine book called Love Ruby Valentine.

Ruby Valentine Saves the Day is fun Valentine Day book
Ruby Valentine Saves The Day by Laurie Friedman

Froggy’s First Kiss by Jonathon London

Froggy always looks forward to Valentine’s day and the candy gets. This year Froggy notices a new girl in his class named Frogilina! When she smiles at him he feels funny inside and has a hard time paying attention. Froggy keeps doing silly things whenever Frogilina is near. He makes a special Valentine that says, “I Love You” to give Frogilina. After Frogilina surprises him with a kiss he’s not sure if he wants to give her his special Valentine. I think you will like how this book ends!

There are a lot of “Froggy” books. They have been popular with children for years. If you enjoy this one you may want to find a few more at the library to read-aloud to your grandchildren.

Froggy's First Kiss a popular Valentine's Day book
Froggy’s First Kiss by Jonathan London
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