3 Birthday Picture Books You Will Love!

Birthday picture books are a special way to celebrate a child’s special day of the year! I want to share with you three fun, colorful birthday picture books that you can read-aloud to your favorite birthday child on their special day or during the week leading up to the occasion!

3 Birthday Picture Books You Will Love!

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Birthday Picture Books

Ten Rules Of The Birthday Wish by Beth Ferry

Ten Rules Of The Birthday Wish by Beth Ferry

This book is full of fun as a variety of animals explain the do’s and don’ts of making a birthday wish. For example: rule number 4 says you need to have a light or lights to blow out. Traditionally this is a candle, but if you are a frog consider using fireflies as your candle and dessert! A very clever and funny birthday picture book that would be nice to read to a child looking forward to a birthday.

Bear Can't Wait by Karma Wilson

Bear Can’t Wait by Karma Wilson

Bear is so excited! He is throwing a surprise birthday party for his friend, Rabbit. All his other animal friends help him get ready for the big surprise. Bear is impatient! He can’t wait. He frets and fiddles and almost ruins the fun. If you like this birthday picture book check out the other cute stories about Bear by Karma Wilson.

The Perfect Birthday Recipe by Katy Hudson

The Perfect Birthday Recipe by Katy Hudson

Beaver likes to do everything carefully, properly and perfectly. His birthday is coming and he has planned the perfect birthday cake. His friends are eager to help, but they don’t follow his recipe and the cake is a disaster. Beaver learns there is more to a birthday than a perfect cake! What a fun birthday picture book to read-aloud!

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